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Recent Books by Wayne Cordeiro

  • Culture Shift

    By Wayne Cordeiro
    & Robert Lewis

    Culture Shift, written for church leaders, ministers, pastors, ministry teams, and lay leaders, leads you through the process of identifying your church’s distinctive culture, gives you practical tools to change it from the inside-out, and provides steps to keep your new culture aligned with your church’s mission.

  • Dream Releasers

    Wayne Cordeiro

    This book gives you the heart with which you build strong teams and release the leadership potential in others. It is a sequel to "Doing Church as a Team."

What I'm Reading

  • Henry Blackaby: Spiritual Leadership

    Henry Blackaby: Spiritual Leadership
    This is a "Must read" for every leader. It corrects old paradigms and restores biblical mandates for leaders in the 21st Century.

  • John Maxwell: Winning With People

    John Maxwell: Winning With People
    This is a practical and applicable book of instruction in dealing with people... all kinds of people. It is almost a modern version of Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

  • Myles Munroe: The Spirit of Leadership

    Myles Munroe: The Spirit of Leadership
    A leader's success is determined by his thinking. It is their attitude and perspective that will bring fruitfulness or barrenness. This book will help you to maximize your leadership potential. I like Myles Munroe's simple but poignant style.

  • Blackaby: The Man God Uses

    Blackaby: The Man God Uses
    Good for basic principles on holiness. Great for newer believers and young leaders.

  • Kimball Hodge: A Mind Renewed By God
    Very well writen book by a pastor friend in Eugene Oregon. Gives newer believers a great overview of the importance of God's Word.